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Hello All and welcome back! For this installment of my blog I will detail a wonderful product that I came across in the beginning of 2013.  Its called Guardian Technology and its manufactured and sold by Evolving Life Innovation.  What struck me first in terms of getting to know more about this product is that it reduces the impact that wireless radiation has on our bodies via use of modern day electronics (i.e. cell phones, wifi, computers, GPS watches, etc.).  Now this is not a conspiracy theory, it is well documented that these types of devices have effects on our cells and the evidence continues to mount that this is a problem needing to be addressed.  So, when I first heard about the Guardian Badge, which is applied to the back of cell phones or cases, I promptly ordered for my wife and myself.  Now I have peace of mind when using and storing my cell phone close to my body.

Guardian Badge

The next thing I learned about Guardian Technology is that on top of absorbing a percentage of the radiation that constantly surrounds us in our modern society, it uses this as a power source to create a signature that water understands and uses to revitalize itself.  In other words, stagnant and low quality water is primarily what most people drink considering day in and out water is piped to us after being chemically treated or, if you buy bottled water, that water has been sitting still (read: stagnation) losing its energy over time.  Think about it this way, if you’re cooped up in a small container all day long, or longer, what will your body feel like once you try to stand?  Being a runner, I immediately clicked with this as water is what I usually drink throughout the day and the more energy water has the more energy I will have.  And the best part is, this water can be used for making coffee and tea, enhancing the qualities of the beverage and drawing out more of the essences.  Evolving Life Innovation (ELI) made this accessible by creating lovely coasters that can be used throughout your home for all your beverage drinking needs.

Last but not least, is ELI’s Guardian Tag which can be worn around your neck or placed in a water bottle.

Guardian Tag

Guardian Tag

I have one in my glass water bottle (Note: use glass for all your sports water drinking needs as exposure of the plastic to the sun will promote leakage of potentially harmful chemicals), and I wear one around my neck.

Now it’s your turn to own one of these great products.  Both my kids have tablets (a Nabi for the youngest and a Kindle Fire for the eldest) and I made sure each one has a badge on the back – I would be remiss if I didn’t state that, even with the Guardian Badge protection, you should limit kid’s use of such devices as there are other psychological effects of using them all day long.  That is: Get them outdoors! 😉

Enjoy the ride!!!! 🙂

Update: All Guardian products will now be under the coMra Wave product line. A passive approach to managing your health and wellness. Purchases will be made available at my brick and mortar location, Gymclusive. Stay tuned as we unveil the new line and what’s next to come. 


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