Ryan Mccall Invite University of Tampa 800m

Yesterday I opened up my season running the 800m at the Ryan Mccall invite which was hosted at the University of Tampa. It was a fun race!

I decided to temper myself off the gun as I usually go out hard and hold on for dear life. LOL But the 800m is a new beast for me at the level I am searching, so a prudent approach is warranted to gather what will work best for me in respects to race strategy. As you can see from the video I sat in the back cruising until about 500m where I had to run around two stragglers and then make a move inside as a hole opened up. From there my pace quickened and figured might as well start my kick with 250 to go. Ran out of real estate in the end running a personal record of 1:59.98. About time I got under 2 minutes!

Lots to improve upon. Time to get back to business, attain more fitness and prepare for the next race on the schedule. Faster times on the way!!


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My passion in life is to live free and to learn; thus, I approach life living in the moment and enjoying the ride. Not to say I don’t get caught up with goals from time to time as applying a strategy for our future is vital, yet I constantly strive to detach from any expectations as the future is unknown and being built by the present. My present strategy is to live an impeccable life of an elite runner and pursue high levels of fitness. What I have learned in my life through sport is that it is very easy to get caught up on the goal. It wasn’t until recently that I developed sufficient enough wisdom to truly realize the destructive manner in which I approached sports which caused all types of injuries. Having to coach myself, I had to learn to temper this and find a balance through my training regimens lest I end up regularly damaged physically, mentally, emotionally and, deep down inside, spiritually. Once I came to terms with my destructive behavior I found the peace and calmness I was always searching for. I still have my ups and downs, as we all do, but instead of fighting the down portions of my life I search for understanding like a soul surfer experiences the troughs of waves - feeling for a way to get back up.

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