A Brave New World

Move with awareness

No escaping this theme in 2020. Whether you believe the hype of this virus or know that there’s more to it, one thing is for sure, the world is forever changed. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, no one wants their loved ones to pass on, nor do others want tyrannical control mechanisms following their every footstep because they could possibly transmit an illness to an unsuspecting person. This is quite the dilemma humanity finds itself in and the future seems locked up in the unknown. If looked upon with objective eyes, we will all have to agree that being brave in this new world will make all the difference between thriving or just surviving.

As this site is dedicated to the empowerment of the individual’s ability to live their best and healthiest life, of course, and indeed, we will focus our approach on proper mindset and belief in humanity’s ability to be strong and capable. Why not? We are what we focus on so deciding to shine my inner eye’s light on strength and mental fortitude, I thus create the life I nurture.

On the contrary, “misery loves company”, as the saying goes, can be seen going on around us with people of a deleterious nature desiring harm and destruction of others because they themselves believe in their weaknesses. It makes me sad, to say the least, especially when I see those close to me also fall within the trap of self-loathing. Much easier to play the blame game and point fingers than to take full ownership of one’s life with a good hard look into the mirror and then making the required adjustments to meet one’s challenges head on.

That being said, and to get to a present point of contention, viruses will be around forever, as will bacteria. They are part and parcel to physical life. So it would behoove people to eat quality foods and to drink revitalised water, all the while reducing their intake of alcohol and eliminating sugary drinks and non-nutrient beverages. Also, people need to start supplementing with vitamins and minerals they may be lacking, using coMra therapy to relax and release high stress levels and do an effective fitness routine. Apropos, stop unwisely spending time watching media that does nothing to improve quality of life opting instead to get outside to a natural setting grounding with one’s earthrunners on.

The situation will be dire if these considerations aren’t taken seriously. That’s because we have dogmatic scientists espousing fearful rhetoric and then recommending, and in many places it became mandated, the use of masks (very unhealthy for the individual), social distancing (we are social creatures by nature), quarantining in rooms and homes (creating Vitamin D deficiencies; mental anguish), closing healthy places like the beach, places of worship, and then after all said and done, many persons still came down with an illness ending up in hospital care that isn’t addressing the real issues of manifested dis-ease. Add to that fact that many of the hospitals’ interventions exacerbated the symptoms pushing many patients into further distress without any ability to have a family member advocate or provide real warmth and care – the true pillars of health and wellness.

Alas, it is what it is. Humanity called this forth BIG TIME! We’ve been so complacent and at the same time have become so dis-empowered by handing away our innate capability of self-sufficiency to some one willing to take it and use it for their nefarious gains. Who’s fault is that?!

Overall, I’m not discouraged and I believe in my ability to adapt and make adjustments based upon the demands life places on me. It takes a willing heart and an open mind to do so. Then it is just a matter of practice and patience to allow the natural unfolding of life to take place. First and foremost, you must believe in your self. This is the single most important shift a person can make. Having this belief as a strong foundation will allow you the fortitude to overcome the challenges that will inevitably arise. Over time, these challenges will be embraced and even welcomed as each one will spur you into higher heights of belief. The awareness of Self and the building of confidence will develop through these and this will in turn give you more ability to be response able to life’s requirements.

The gist I’m getting at is that you MUST believe you have what it takes in this brave new world as the roller coaster has just begun and weakness will either be ironed out or exploited. My hope is for you to take the reins of your life and to enjoy the process even in the midst of the struggle. Life is too short to fret, even in the worst of times you must find the gem in the present and gather the knowledge encountered…

It’s make or break time, ready or not, it’s time to cast your lot!!! 🙂

In love,


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My passion in life is to live free and to learn; thus, I approach life living in the moment and enjoying the ride. Not to say I don’t get caught up with goals from time to time as applying a strategy for our future is vital, yet I constantly strive to detach from any expectations as the future is unknown and being built by the present. I have learned in my life through sport that it is very easy to get caught up on the goal. It wasn’t until recently that I developed sufficient enough wisdom to truly realize the destructive manner in which I approached sports which caused all types of injuries. Having to coach myself many times, I had to learn to temper this and find a balance through my training regimens lest I end up regularly damaged physically, mentally, emotionally and, deep down inside, spiritually. Once I came to terms with my destructive behavior I found the peace and calmness I was always searching for. I still have my ups and downs, as we all do, but instead of fighting the down portions of my life I search for understanding like a soul surfer experiences the troughs of waves - feeling for a way to get back up.

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