About Kanoa

I like to play Minecraft and I am 10 years old. I like cheetahs.



Lightning bolts are cool.  It’s cool because it’s really powerful and shocking.  And it’s really loud! That makes it even more cool.


My mom suggested to do this.  When I did it it was actually really fun.  It wasn’t scary at all.  At the end, it was really slippery, like ice.


The Parrots and I


Disclaimer: Minimal editing by parents with Kanoa present. 🙂

I was at the pool then I heard parrots flying over me. I then asked my dad if I can use his phone. I ran to the tree to take a video of the parrots eating berries. They ate the outside of the berries, but they spit out the seed. Then I ran to get my brother to show him the parrots. Together, my brother and I went to the tree. The parrots made a call to each other before they came flying at us and my brother and I tucked down. We looked at the tree and saw no more berries. Enjoy the video.