Pizza Man


A knock! “Yo, can you get that for me” said a smoking man. Up goes Michael to answer the call and collect the goods [bass heard in the distance]. “Hey! What’s going on over there?!” “that’s some high school game or somethin?” said the delivery man.


“Hey, by the way, you got a spider web in your yard”

Did you run through it?

“Nah…where I parked the light shined on it……alright, you be careful”

Have a good evening!

Weird…..what’s this strange feeling that I have from that interaction. The high school band music remark wasn’t too striking, even though it showed his willingness to connect, it was the need to speak about a web that he successfully avoided to ensure that I don’t get tangled within its threads. And his, ‘be careful’ was genuine with undertones of real concern.

hahahahahahahaha raucous laughter from the smoking man.

“What he’d say?”

That there is a spider web and we should avoid it.

hahahahahahahahaha smoking man rolling around the couch enthralled by the experience.

That feeling was real. I need to pay attention to something. What web is trying to ensnare me? A web of my own making? I don’t know! (meaning isn’t important here, flow with the feeling and see what it uncovers) If I’m careful, I will let the light shine on it and see it from where I am standing and then step along side of it. Being wide awake will be the only way for me to be alert enough to catch its gleams of light.