A Brave New World

Move with awareness

No escaping this theme in 2020. Whether you believe the hype of this virus or know that there’s more to it, one thing is for sure, the world is forever changed. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, no one wants their loved ones to pass on, nor do others want tyrannical control mechanisms following their every footstep because they could possibly transmit an illness to an unsuspecting person. This is quite the dilemma humanity finds itself in and the future seems locked up in the unknown. If looked upon with objective eyes, we will all have to agree that being brave in this new world will make all the difference between thriving or just surviving.

As this site is dedicated to the empowerment of the individual’s ability to live their best and healthiest life, of course, and indeed, we will focus our approach on proper mindset and belief in humanity’s ability to be strong and capable. Why not? We are what we focus on so deciding to shine my inner eye’s light on strength and mental fortitude, I thus create the life I nurture.

On the contrary, “misery loves company”, as the saying goes, can be seen going on around us with people of a deleterious nature desiring harm and destruction of others because they themselves believe in their weaknesses. It makes me sad, to say the least, especially when I see those close to me also fall within the trap of self-loathing. Much easier to play the blame game and point fingers than to take full ownership of one’s life with a good hard look into the mirror and then making the required adjustments to meet one’s challenges head on.

That being said, and to get to a present point of contention, viruses will be around forever, as will bacteria. They are part and parcel to physical life. So it would behoove people to eat quality foods and to drink revitalised water, all the while reducing their intake of alcohol and eliminating sugary drinks and non-nutrient beverages. Also, people need to start supplementing with vitamins and minerals they may be lacking, using coMra therapy to relax and release high stress levels and do an effective fitness routine. Apropos, stop unwisely spending time watching media that does nothing to improve quality of life opting instead to get outside to a natural setting grounding with one’s earthrunners on.

The situation will be dire if these considerations aren’t taken seriously. That’s because we have dogmatic scientists espousing fearful rhetoric and then recommending, and in many places it became mandated, the use of masks (very unhealthy for the individual), social distancing (we are social creatures by nature), quarantining in rooms and homes (creating Vitamin D deficiencies; mental anguish), closing healthy places like the beach, places of worship, and then after all said and done, many persons still came down with an illness ending up in hospital care that isn’t addressing the real issues of manifested dis-ease. Add to that fact that many of the hospitals’ interventions exacerbated the symptoms pushing many patients into further distress without any ability to have a family member advocate or provide real warmth and care – the true pillars of health and wellness.

Alas, it is what it is. Humanity called this forth BIG TIME! We’ve been so complacent and at the same time have become so dis-empowered by handing away our innate capability of self-sufficiency to some one willing to take it and use it for their nefarious gains. Who’s fault is that?!

Overall, I’m not discouraged and I believe in my ability to adapt and make adjustments based upon the demands life places on me. It takes a willing heart and an open mind to do so. Then it is just a matter of practice and patience to allow the natural unfolding of life to take place. First and foremost, you must believe in your self. This is the single most important shift a person can make. Having this belief as a strong foundation will allow you the fortitude to overcome the challenges that will inevitably arise. Over time, these challenges will be embraced and even welcomed as each one will spur you into higher heights of belief. The awareness of Self and the building of confidence will develop through these and this will in turn give you more ability to be response able to life’s requirements.

The gist I’m getting at is that you MUST believe you have what it takes in this brave new world as the roller coaster has just begun and weakness will either be ironed out or exploited. My hope is for you to take the reins of your life and to enjoy the process even in the midst of the struggle. Life is too short to fret, even in the worst of times you must find the gem in the present and gather the knowledge encountered…

It’s make or break time, ready or not, it’s time to cast your lot!!! 🙂

In love,


…a Path with a Heart…

Picture is from the Hunter X Hunter anime series

Greetings to All!! 🙂

It’s been a while since I have taken the time to write in this blog. Lots has occurred within my life and much learning has taken place, so I wanted to share knowing some of my initial writings were dealing with struggles I created out of a goal mentality I held due to an erroneous idea I placed upon my life. The brushed over aforementioned idea was basically that I could bang my body into competition shape, foolhardy, without regard to the natural order of life and the body’s capacity to heal and get stronger. I ran myself into the ground so many times I began to doubt myself and self-sabotage even more. I kept getting injured, having setbacks and being disdainful with my self. Throughout that time, I did have that nagging presence of conscience voicing the need to trust the process, even though it was suppressed for the most part.  I was still very immature and not yet in grasp of the wisdom I hold now as I continued to harbor an idea of who I thought I should be. For many years I placed focus and energy on becoming something I thought was worthwhile and important, you know to get acknowledgement and praise outwardly, that I dug holes so deep it took me months and even years to crawl out of. Crawled out I have!! 🙂 Hence my desire to share in the hope that if someone else is going through something similar this might light a path in the direction of their heart.

My last post here was the fact that I opened up a small fitness studio in Miami, Fl. Gymclusive. It surely was the last piece of my RunHolistic puzzle.  This type of, what I’ll call, ‘therapeutic fitness with resistance training’ opened up my path to the possibility of being very strong, a healthy type of fit and always ready to handle the challenges life throws at us while having more time to spend enjoying and engaging with life. I took time to heal, get stronger and then push for more growth again. A cycle of breakdown due to exertion and effort against a resistance, in control, meditative even, until the point I am unable to perform another repetition; then, time off doing taiji, spending time with my boys and wife venturing through life, and the feeling, all the while, like I am youthifying myself. Because of this, enjoying the present moment became more important than anything else!

You can see through my previous posts how I approached training (even though I did have hints of what I am now embodying more of).  My mindset was locked, hellbent and unrelenting towards a goal for the most part of that time of my life. To be fair, my fitness was sharp, yet that sword was double edged with the other side of ultimate performance being injury or complete systemic fatigue. Now I just feel super capable, loose, light, springy, supple and free from the encumbrance of an ever present achy sore body, tired mind and weakened Spirit.

Since I now understand the proper training stimulus, recovery, overcompensation, and repeat, it’s a different world, one where I listen to my body respecting and loving it first and foremost. Nonetheless, I continue to train for track competitions, and I’ve taken up BJJ/MMA again, and these activities leave me more with that broken down achy sore sensation. Instead of banging it out like I used to, now I just enjoy the process and take it all in stride. That means, there’s a body learning curve and it is our responsibility to understand it and apply it for an ultimate form of a healthy type of fitness. And in more general terms: “Life is a journey to be enjoyed, not a problem to be solved in haste.”

If this resonates with you, feel free to connect with me at Gymclusive to learn a sustainable way to take a healthy body, mind and total being into our elder years.  Life is to be had so we need the ability to do so.

Cheers! 🙂

Last piece of a puzzle…

Greetings to one and all,

It’s been a while since last writing here. I believe the last time was during my cross-country trip up to Canada and I was in Atlanta, Georgia, when I saw an interesting situation take place later elucidating it via prose. Now that I’m here again, I wanted to update everyone on what’s taking place in the realms of heartfelt holistic self-sufficient healing – that kind of healing that takes place between you and your Self.

In fact, many things have happened! A complete shift occurred over night as an insight hit while speaking about Nautilus gym equipment with my father. This wasn’t even in the equation and just like that it became the last piece of a puzzle I’ve been working on since my teenage years. Life, eh?! LOL I always knew at some point I’d acquire the right friendships and relationships as well as the knowledge and accoutrements necessary to actualise my dream of a center for practical experience, just didn’t know how and when. 😉

And here I am. An owner of a brick and mortar establishment called Gymclusive. Generally speaking, the main idea is an infrequent approach to high intensity strength training with 5 compound, older, Nautilus machines (circa 1985). This is a whole body strength training program that also works the aerobic and anaerobic metabolic pathways in less than 30 minutes. Since everybody is different, the recovery time between trainees varies and could be as short as 5 days or as long as multiple weeks.

That’s the science part, the art side of it is learning to listen to your body and feeling it recover then supercompensate (get stronger by laying down new lean muscle mass). I love that part of it! Reason why the approach resonated with me and hence the last piece of the RunHolistic puzzle. With this understanding of muscular development, a true measure of health, I am able to provide an ailing population an opportunity to precise, concise and affordable fitness training with health in mind. And now this is my initial departure point for those interested in learning to optimise and maintain good health throughout their years.

When I can, I’ll come through here from time to time to share deeper musings and observations of life, but most of my present blog work will be inspired by Gymclusive’s blog and tailored around holistic strength training in the ever-busy 21st century.

See you there! 🙂

With love and light,



coMra Palm – The Future of Home Health Care is Here

It’s no secret that I train hard. If you know me personally and have had the – for some unfortunate LOL – opportunity to train with me then you know that I put in work. I don’t shy away from a hard session and at times have over done it practically running myself into the ground. Now I do not advocate such an approach and have learned a lot through the process. What has helped me greatly in this respect is coMra-Therapy! It has allowed me to take those liberties since I was able to take care of any and all injury type issues including a few debilitating ones without the need for surgery or any pain medications, last of which have been shown to reduce the healing capability of the body.  These past seven years with coMra have been a life changer!  Now, the coMra Palm has been released making the future of home health care a present reality.

Whether it be pains and aches from sports or general life discomfort, the Palm will address the root cellular cause of those ailments in short order allowing you to once again enjoy your life at its highest level.

As soon as I feel something from training, whether it be in my knee, hip, ankle or muscular – or whatever hurts for that matter – I start treatment protocols that day (the beauty of having a home health device) and immediately I feel the improvements. Many times I’ve had issues/injuries that I trained right through using only coMra with full resolution.

Holistic health and wellness takes an integrative approach viewing the individual as a whole and treating them as such. The reductionist approach by separating parts not considering that the part being influenced can have an impact on other areas eventually affecting the whole, is an archaic model in need of change. With the Palm, you have the opportunity to take your health and wellness within your own hands!

If you don’t have one now or if you wait on buying one, I can guarantee you that you will be buying one in the future. 😉

Before MS Windows was created, personal computers were difficult to use making them not a normal part of every day life as DOS and the other operating systems of the time were not user friendly. Windows changed that and the personal computer boom took off! The coMra Palm is like the Windows of Low level laser technology with its ease of use, practicality and efficacy! This type of healing modality has been around for decades but was primarily reserved for scientists and medical professionals. No more will that be the case! For the low cost of $399, you can be confident that any pains and aches that come your way will be handled accordingly in the comfort of your own home.

Click image to buy now…

This is a gift that will keep on giving. A gift to you and every one you love.

It’s time to Palm on and pain off!! 🙂

Bare Feet on Earth


Take off your shoes and let your bare feet touch the earth.  It’s a liberating experience chock full of health benefits.  For starters, your feet get the chance to splay naturally, you allow underused areas the chance to strengthen now that they are being activated, and most importantly, you’re absorbing some of the most potent antioxidants on earth.  Don’t just take my word for it, check out this video from a researcher curious about the effects of grounding and the benefits of such:

I hope you enjoyed the presentation.  If you just started it, realized it was over an hour and are now reading this, I urge you to take the time later and investigate this as it will change your life.  Tonight, do something different and invest in your Self.  Trust me the benefits are worth it.

Once you finish the presentation, I’d like to draw your attention to a product I feel very strong about.  They are earthing sandals that provide you with the benefits of barefoot walking, and running, all the while still protecting your feet.  They are called Earth Runners.  Here’s a picture from their instagram account I think is worth noting.

Now that you are invested in your health and you’ve heard of these simple things you could do to improve it, then I have more great news for you.  I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with Earth Runners and I can offer you 10% off your purchase when you use RUNHOLISTIC10 as a discount code.  Not only will you get a wonderful product that will enhance your health, but you’ll also be buying from a small American business that is passionate about their craft, invested in helping people reach optimum health, and supportive of the community they live in. 🙂

Stay connected, stay grounded!

The Next Step (Forged by Fire)


This is a follow-up to the “Will Power” post I wrote some months back.

Because of the nature of my life, I regularly hear the people that I connect with speak about enjoying the journey, living in the moment, being present, etc.  And these words, as great as they are, are just that, words.  When faced with difficult life situations one finds it hard to embrace the now when the now is kicking you in the face, or maybe in a worse spot. LOL   Basically, easier said than done.

I bring this up to touch base about the challenges I had when I wrote that previous post and how I’ve fared so far.  At that time, I felt cornered with the amount of issues being felt in my body as I had recurrent injuries and noticeable discomfort muscularly that developed in rapid succession.  These experiences began to weaken my mindset even to the point of considering various systemic debilitating neurological disorders that matched some of the symptoms I was feeling.

Now, throughout this recent period of my life, deep down inside, I still harbored a semblance of belief in myself and even though this belief was so faint at times to be practically unnoticeable, I still knew that one way or another this was an opportunity for me to learn.  Learning is what the journey is all about.  It is the process of taking the worst out of any situation one encounters and turning it into an experience of knowledge.  Some might say I was overthinking the issues I was having and I will not deny the hypochondriac in me, but that is my personal learning and in that process I was able to recapitulate, with the help of my sister, of my maternal grandmother and mother’s own preoccupation with thinking the worst of physical illnesses.  You see, this is part of the learning I took from the challenges that I faced and still face in some ways.  Shifting the focus from feeling hard-done-by to looking for gems of learning in any situation is what constitutes embracing the journey.  With each step, and as one gains proficiency in any task, we get more fluid and able to make life’s challenges more about experience and less about being a victim of circumstance.  Me

Now I have a deeper respect for life, for my body (as I learned more about it, how it works, what works better for it, and how to love it more), and most importantly, respect for my Self, and if you ask me, this is what life is all about.

Thank you for reading and my wish is for you to also find that heart in your life, the passion that fuels your drive.  And remember, Life is not a problem to be solved, but a journey to be enjoyed and experienced…..



Will Power


Today I find myself searching within and finding what I am doing wrong. I understand at the mental level we create the world we live in based upon our beliefs on what we are perceiving within life. A good video to watch concerning this is Dr. Bruce Lipton’s presentation on the “Biology of Belief”.  Yet, I am still struggling with the practice of this aspect of will power.

As a young athlete growing up I would watch many of my peers deal with pain, discomfort, and injuries and I would wonder why I didn’t encounter such issues.  I went even as far as to want to experience those things also.  Maybe because of some sort of attention seeking behavior.  Now in my folly, I wish I could have been wiser and not even considered such ludicrous thoughts.  I’ve been struggling with one injury after the other and I fully believe it has to do with my mindset.  With coMra-Therapy I heal rapidly and really haven’t stopped training in general – been doing lots of cross training in the form of swimming and the elliptical, but every time I get back on the track or do some run training my mind picks up on the worry that an injury could happen again in the areas already weakened by previous conditions.  And knowing that physically this is possible, I nonetheless should think more positively and just LET IT GO. 

I came across another blog here from Run to the Finish, which is by Amanda Brooks.  Reading through it and coming across the concept of Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), a condition coined by Dr. John Sarno, I reaffirmed what I already knew: I am creating these conditions with my mind since I am not in a place of balance.  Now I haven’t read his books, but I have read an assortment of other related topics and basically understand the negative approach I am taking by preconditioning myself to getting injured.

Six days a week my wife and I spend about an hour doing Tai chi joint loosening exercises, partner stretches, and yoga.  Last night we spoke about this and since lately she’s been working with affirmations she shared I should consider finding a few of my own and apply them in my life.  Personally speaking, I’ve been reluctant to try this.  Not because I don’t see the value in the technique, mainly since I prefer quietness of mind and a state where one opens them self up to nature and the sounds of life.  However, I’ve let the negative creep back in again and in this state-of-mind been caught up in a trap of my own making.  Hearing my wife share her perspective on what has worked for her and taking into account my laziness in actually applying my self to pay attention to life in the moment, I feel a bit more invigorated today.  Knowing that no goal is an end in itself as once achieved one feels just as empty as before and another crutch (read: goal) is placed in front to deny life of its merit, I will take these steps as another leg in my journey and be as impeccable as I presently am to embrace life right now.

That being said, today I woke up to this lovely breakfast made by Diana (my wife).  She made banana pancakes – made with an organic banana, its important to purchase organic for bananas as this fruit utilizes heavy pesticide use in its conventional form – with bacon and a fried egg.  We haven’t fully collected all the more sustainable forms of food we love and support, but we are working towards that level.  We used organic coconut oil, raw honey and pink Himalayan sea salt.  Just a few ways to improve the quality of your food without having to dig too deep into your pocket books.  Here is the result:

Banana Pancakes, Egg and Bacon

Raw honey and organic coconut oil on organic banana pancakes, egg and bacon. Himalayan sea salt for seasoning.

Now I did train today.  I know of only one way to face your fears and that is by putting yourself in the situation that you fear the most.  My runs were centered around starts and short distance sprints with some master runner friends of mine.


That’s me on the left with the white compression sleeves


We did work off the starting blocks (haven’t done this since high school) and our distances started at 20 meters to 60.  It was raced and done hard.  Throughout, my mind didn’t swing towards the calf strain that I’ve been feeling, until the end of the efforts.  There was no pain and the only thing holding me back was the cautious thoughts I was having.

One thing I am blessed to have is a coMra device.

coMra scan

I have a Delta pro medical device and knowing that, at least, this handles my physical energetic deficits allowing the strain to repair at that level all the while refocusing my attention to the positive aspects of my life.


And, as usual, we made it a family affair:

All togetherMuch love to all you runners and adventurers out there…until next time.