Last piece of a puzzle…

Greetings to one and all,

It’s been a while since last writing here. I believe the last time was during my cross-country trip up to Canada and I was in Atlanta, Georgia, when I saw an interesting situation take place later elucidating it via prose. Now that I’m here again, I wanted to update everyone on what’s taking place in the realms of heartfelt holistic self-sufficient healing – that kind of healing that takes place between you and your Self.

In fact, many things have happened! A complete shift occurred over night as an insight hit while speaking about Nautilus gym equipment with my father. This wasn’t even in the equation and just like that it became the last piece of a puzzle I’ve been working on since my teenage years. Life, eh?! LOL I always knew at some point I’d acquire the right friendships and relationships as well as the knowledge and accoutrements necessary to actualise my dream of a center for practical experience, just didn’t know how and when. 😉

And here I am. An owner of a brick and mortar establishment called Gymclusive. Generally speaking, the main idea is an infrequent approach to high intensity strength training with 5 compound, older, Nautilus machines (circa 1985). This is a whole body strength training program that also works the aerobic and anaerobic metabolic pathways in less than 15 minutes. Since everybody is different, the recovery time between trainees varies and could be as short as 5 days or as long as multiple weeks.

That’s the science part, the art side of it is learning to listen to your body and feeling it recover then supercompensate (get stronger by laying down new lean muscle mass). I love that part of it! Reason why the approach resonated with me and hence the last piece of the RunHolistic puzzle. With this understanding of muscular development, a true measure of health, I am able to provide an ailing population an opportunity to precise, concise and affordable fitness training with health in mind. And now this is my initial departure point for those interested in learning to optimise and maintain good health throughout their years.

When I can, I’ll come through here from time to time to share deeper musings and observations of life, but most of my present blog work will be inspired by Gymclusive’s blog and tailored around holistic strength training in the ever-busy 21st century.

See you there! 🙂

With love and light,



Savannah the Holistic Pup


We have a new addition to the Run Holistic Family. Her name is Savannah. She is the pup of a rescued dog that was happened upon while the family was fleeing Hurricane Irma, finding her pregnant, sick and malnourished on the streets of Georgia. The mom was subsequently fed a diet of raw foods, which brought her health back in good order. Being the holistic family that we are, we decided to do the same as good nutrition is really the first pillar of good health.

Here is a little bit about Savannah:

I can eat!!

And sleep!!!

My curiosity is keen….

Until it’s time to take a nap…LOL

Playgrounds are now my second home….

I also love a good walk with my big brothers Kanoa and Kaden….

Or one with mom where I can stop and smell the flowers….

I love to hug…..

People love to meet and pet me….and I don’t mind being the center of attention. 😉

I am just a fun loving pup with a fun loving family ready to explore and experience life as only a dog could!!! 🙂



Diana’s Coaching Corner


Be Your Self


Greetings and Welcome to all! As a mother of two young athletic boys, and a wife of an elite runner, life can move rather quickly, but in the midst of it all, I find the time to consume well balanced meals, along with hearty dense superfoods and exercise. With the tools I have learned, I want to share my convenient and easy lifestyle approaches so you can also feel healthier and look your best!


Before and After

The picture on the left was taken in May 2016 , 125lbs. I would eat three balanced meals and exercised 4-5 days a week, for about an hour. The picture on the right was taken January 2017, 115lbs. Only 10lbs lighter, but more muscle toned and now only exercising 3-4 days a week, for 30-45 minutes! Today, I feel a zest of energy and feel stronger 🙂

Below are examples of individuals who took charge of their health and reaped the benefits 🙂

Some information so you can get a better idea 🙂

  • Energy Boost
  • Consistent Weight Loss Over Time
  • Reduced Cravings For Unhealthy Food
  • Improved Muscle Tone
  • Balanced Digestion
  • Build Lean Muscle Mass

For as little as $9/Day replaces 68 meals!

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Finally reach your ideal weight and regain your energy with a system that helps you reach your health goals! CLICK IMAGE TO START…

Interested in just a nutrient dense meal replacement, then Isalean shake is your daily go to.

Isalean Shake

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A short 2 minute video on Unpacking Your Isagenix System 🙂


Have fun and stay healthy!

“Invest in your self, you are worth it!” – Diana Hevia




Weight-Loss Disclaimer

Weight loss should not be considered typical. In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 9 pounds with an average of 2 pounds of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on an Isagenix system. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet.

Fuel your body right

I am a holistic athlete looking for ways to optimize my performance naturally and what you put in your body is the fuel that determines how well you will perform in any given sport.  Now for me, I didn’t mind spending money as long as I obtained quality products.

Click image for more info…

My wife and I were partaking in a ‘Fit Kids Day’ event that was hosted at a park adjacent to our home.  There were many vendors so I took the opportunity to connect with each and every one of them.  I came around to a couple of ladies who were marketing a sports drink.

Politely I asked to view the ingredients, something I’m accustomed to doing.  The sports drink is comprised of quality ingredients and low sugar, no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.

Apropos, they have whey protein concentrate from pasture raised grassfed cows.  Isagenix sources their dairy from New Zealand ‘Happy Cows’ which are loved and respected.

Their whey protein meal replacement is a daily go to for our family.

Isalean Shake

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They also have a one-of-a-kind nutrient rich herbal tonic infused with natural vitamins, minerals and plant-based adaptogens called the Ionix Supreme.  A must have!

All of Isagenix products are available to view online with ingredient lists and all.

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Let’s change the world one person at a time, starting with our self. 🙂

Fall in Love



Evolution of Awareness

Coming Together[Exhale]

Here I am considering what I have been doing all along in my various training programs throughout my life.  There is so much to say and to share, I’m not really sure on where to start.  I’ll just start from the present and see where this takes me.  Basically, I feel like I am having an evolution of awareness in terms of my understanding when it comes to performance development in the discipline of athletics.  You see, track and field is a very specific, primarily individual, sport that requires much self-discipline and a completely refined physical structure.  Basically, if one thing goes wrong, in regards to an injury of sorts in the majority of cases, then the athlete will find it difficult to train and compete.  The frequency of this happening is high; thus, making it hard for track and field runners from generating enough financial support to fuel their world-class talent and skill.  So much can go wrong and the marketability costs versus the potential rewards isn’t enough for major across the board sponsorship opportunities.

It’s hard to express exactly what I am feeling at this very moment.  I’ll do my best to elucidate this feeling in the hopes that it will create an understanding of where track and field, with its myriad of scandals and problems, is at nowadays and a potential way to fix it.  By fix it, at this point, I’m going to only touch base on some issues that are dear to my heart.  For instance, focusing solely on fast times and distance.  Below I am going to share a video off my YouTube page that describes a little bit about what I am starting to change in my own personal training regimen:

As you can see, it’s aptly named, “Running for the thrill of it”.  Granted, elite world class athletes aren’t necessarily expected to change their training programs as many of these are tried and proven methods to success.  However, what I am pointing to is a deeper understanding of why train in the first place and the present prevalent mental model of time/distance with its laser focus burning away any true enjoyment and contentment many runners dearly need.  Look at it this way, there are soul surfers who, even if they compete, find total enjoyment in the waves and are still enjoying themselves when they can’t even get a wave on a flat day.  For me this is reflected in running when the time/distance mentality gets overbearing and becomes an obsession.  And to be frank, it’s most likely because the pros make money and need these times to win races and to get paid.  But herein lies the conundrum.  You have a system that is built off of this incessant need to refine the body to produce faster times from which a successful season means more income, but this very same approach increases the chance of injury which in turn makes the marketability of various non 1% athletes (e.g. Not the Usain Bolts, Mo Farahs) less desirable even though they are practically 1% of the world population.

Now, what am I getting at?  For me, track and field needs to be more about entertainment than fast FAST times.  The other day Nick Symmonds posted on twitter this tweet.  What if track and field were 2-3 hour events with high level competition in a venue that was fun and an atmosphere of pure entertainment focusing on winning not total output of speed.  In other words, while not disparaging the effort to break and make world records, these events could be properly marketed for maximum brand exposure and maximum financial support for elite athletes.  The point is, as beings living on this planet let us not lose sight of what’s important by getting lost in numbers.  It’s best said this way, “life is a journey to be enjoyed, not a problem to be solved in haste”.

This brings me to another video I recently shared on YouTube:

As of right now, I see the comprehensive training I am being taught at Fast Twitch South Miami as integral to an athlete’s success.  I’m sure I am the newbie here as I’ve relied heavily on my Chen Family Taijiquan training alone in terms of physical health, but I still feel the need to share in case there are others who are unaware of such vital strength and conditioning training.  Three key words I’ve heard there that best describes the methodology:  Stability, mobility and prehab.  Oh, and don’t think for one minute that it’s not hard, on the contrary, besides the strength and conditioning norm, their specificity can take a simple looking movement and make it dastardly hard (i.e. you question if you’re brave enough to continue LOL!).

With all of the above in mind, I think the salient point that keeps coming up for me is the process of trusting life and living life through the understanding that our future is not guaranteed and if we keep focusing and obsessing on that big race or that big goal then we miss so much of the good stuff that is passing us by.  Moreover, because of this approach I really do believe that the present marketability of runners is a consequence of this attitude and the only way to change that is to change our perception as we are co-creators of reality with the ability to shape and influence life.  Do we want to create a life full of joy and contentment or a life of grim determination?  The choice is ours and then the outside world will reflect back for us what we have chosen.  Pretty simple if you ask me! 🙂


Bare Feet on Earth


Take off your shoes and let your bare feet touch the earth.  It’s a liberating experience chock full of health benefits.  For starters, your feet get the chance to splay naturally, you allow underused areas the chance to strengthen now that they are being activated, and most importantly, you’re absorbing some of the most potent antioxidants on earth.  Don’t just take my word for it, check out this video from a researcher curious about the effects of grounding and the benefits of such:

I hope you enjoyed the presentation.  If you just started it, realized it was over an hour and are now reading this, I urge you to take the time later and investigate this as it will change your life.  Tonight, do something different and invest in your Self.  Trust me the benefits are worth it.

Once you finish the presentation, I’d like to draw your attention to a product I feel very strong about.  They are earthing sandals that provide you with the benefits of barefoot walking, and running, all the while still protecting your feet.  They are called Earth Runners.  Here’s a picture from their instagram account I think is worth noting.

Now that you are invested in your health and you’ve heard of these simple things you could do to improve it, then I have more great news for you.  I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with Earth Runners and I can offer you 10% off your purchase when you use RUNHOLISTIC10 as a discount code.  Not only will you get a wonderful product that will enhance your health, but you’ll also be buying from a small American business that is passionate about their craft, invested in helping people reach optimum health, and supportive of the community they live in. 🙂

Stay connected, stay grounded!

Bed time stories

Hello Friends!

I wanted to share a picture of me reading to my boys right before bed time, as it gives me a better chance to bond with them and calms them down after a day filled with activities.  I also wanted to encourage parents and/or care takers to making this a ritual as it can be so beneficial to their upbringing.

Here are a few tips and benefits to reading to your little ones:140

  •  It promotes increased communication between you and your child.
  • It promotes longer attention span, which is an important skill for your kid to be able to concentrate.
  • It builds listening skills and imagination.
  • A study published in Perspectives on Psychological Science in January 2013 concluded that “reading to a child in an interactive style raises his or her IQ by over 6 points.”
  • Books teach your child thinking skills early. When you read to your child, he learns to understand cause and effect, he learns to exercise logic, as well as think in abstract terms. He learns the consequences of actions, and the basics of what is right and wrong.
  • Your child learns early that reading is fun and not a chore. When your child grows up, you will not be stressed about getting him to read, as reading has become, for him, a pleasurable habit.
  • Reading together as a family is one of fondest memories you children will remember and cherish in their whole lifetime.

Have a great one and I hope you look forward to picking up some fun books and snuggling together 🙂


Water Conservation


Hello Readers,

I wanted to share four tips I live by to conserve the precious resource we know as water.

  1. Be conscious of the water flow when washing dishes or your hands.  In other words, don’t open up the stream to a point of it gushing out.  Take your time, adjust it properly and then proceed.
  2. When washing your hands, rinse them with water, turn off the stream and then proceed to lather with hand soap.  Obviously this applies as well to washing dishes.  You shouldn’t have water running while you are in the sponge phase.
  3. After rinsing in the shower, turn off the water to lather the soap on your body.  Lots of water is wasted in this case while it is not being used.
  4. This one everyone might not want to do, but I’ll share anyways.  Basically, since I hydrate throughout the day my urine is light in color.  When this happens I won’t flush as it’ll just be a waste.  Every little bit counts.

These are 4 simple tips to apply to your daily life that will help alleviate some of the symptoms of drought we are having in many parts of the country.  Our community is our responsibility and we should do everything within our power to take care of it and its resources.

What are your tips on conserving water usage?  Comment and share below.

A Walkers Delight


Koko Head Oahu

Kanoa and I hiking Koko Head Crater (Oahu, Hawaii)

We have been a very active family from day one.  As an avid runner myself, I find enjoyment in being able to move from sprint speeds to paced 5ks.  For both of our kids, we had running strollers that weren’t just for show.  Those things saw all sorts of miles, speeds and terrain.  🙂 Both of our boys were raised around running and even from an early age they were encouraged to walk with us to stores.  Hiking trails, and running them, is a lovely experience that is enjoyed by all of us.  Our eldest was fortunate enough to experience quite a few beautiful hikes when we lived on the island of Oahu.  Where ever we found our lives, we would search out local trails and hikes and discover life as nature intended.  This is something that I feel is being lost nowadays with the advent of so many different technological devices.  On top of that, most kids are primarily already eating very unhealthily, couple that with the sedentary lifestyle of our modern age and you got a recipe for disaster.

The United States is undergoing an epidemic of childhood obesity and this has consequences way beyond the present.  Our kids are the future and if they are not healthy then our communities won’t be healthy.  I have a saying, “healthy individuals create healthy communities”, but the opposite is true as well.  Hence, Diana and I have decided to focus our energy in this area and feel that is where most of our efforts should be placed.  We want to bring awareness to this problem and offer the solutions as exhibited in our way of life.  This is why we will feature prominently that every step in the right direction counts as they all add up in the end.  What this means is that there is no miracle fad from exercise to diet that will change things over night, what needs to be done is just start from where you are at and make an effort to change.

For example, two days out of the week I walk to pick up my boys from school, it’s 1.2 miles each way.  So, my boys cover that twice a week.Hot  Even under hot conditions we make the effort.  On the particular walk I am referring to, the temperature was very hot and humid.  I remind my boys on the days we walk that during the early afternoon they should remember to drink water in anticipation.  It’s a smart idea to stay hydrated while moving around in such weather.

There is so much to do and see while walking.  The first thing to do is get out of your head and use your eyes and ears to take in the sights and sounds. Bond The bonding experience with your children will be well worth it.  Of course, with all the modern convenience kids, and adults for that matter, have grown accustomed to, it will be challenging at times to keep them encouraged and moving forward.  The best thing for you to do is lead by example and just have fun with the experience.  There will be many things encountered along the way; the kids will have an open forum to ask you all sorts of school related and life questions that at other times is hard because of our daily duties.  And, on top of everything, you all get exercise in the process.  Talk about the ultimate form of conscious multi-tasking.

One good thing we’ve encountered during our walk is a sea grape tree and it has fruits ripe for the picking.

Sea Grape Forgaing


The kids love this part of the walk and look forward to it.  There’s nothing like finding edible food in the wild (read: not a supermarket) to revitalize one’s sense of nature.  One word of caution, please don’t eat anything you don’t know for sure is edible as it can be harmful.

The Future

Our children will lead us into the future and continue the process of this experience we call life.  Let’s leave our legacy healthy and capable to tackle all the challenges they will face.

What are you waiting for?!


Tai chi, earthing, and more…


As I write this post I am enjoying some yerba mate.  Something, believe it or not, I learned from a Turkish Canadian while living in Oahu, Hawaii. LOL!!!  Yerba MateHe’s actually a good friend of mine and an avid holistic tea maker and organic farmer living on Maui.  He is really knowledgeable in organic farming practices as he has gotten his hands dirty over the past few years learning – practically – and discovering how communities can thrive via local sustainable growing techniques.

Today is an active rest day for me.  Earlier, I did two Chen Family tai chi forms (Old Frame First Routine) and silk reeling exercises.  I started doing tai chi when I was 21, so I am going on 13 years of keeping the mindset of the beginner.

Stillness in movement...movement in stillness

Stillness in movement…movement in stillness

I’ve found incorporating tai chi into my routine has been invaluable in maintaining fluidity of movements with its spiraling motions.  Tai chi is especially helpful for runners mainly working on linear progression.  Please don’t try and learn tai chi from a video.  Contact a qualified professional who can work with you in person during the first stages of your learning.  Not to mention, if you want something then practice practice practice…

Before doing the form I did stake standing barefoot for some earthing/grounding.  Stake StandingNot only do I get enhanced connectivity, while barefoot, with the earth in this way, but I also, during the form and silk reeling practice, get a more natural spiral motion off the soles of my feet along with better joint and muscle alignment.

Salad and Organic PopcornAfter my tai chi practice, I had a good lunch consisted of: organic romaine, walnuts, hemp seeds, organic carrots, tuna in olive oil (Tonno Genova), red onions, tomatoes and organic popcorn – for crunch – with organic coconut oil and Himalayan sea salt.  ‘Twas good and fulfilling.  As you can see my coMra coaster there, on the side, is energizing the molecular structure of my water as well as increasing the dissolved oxygen count to a more natural, lively, spring like state.  You can learn more about these products here.

Well, that’s enough for now.  Enjoy the moment, live for a higher purpose and find contentment.