Evolution of Awareness

Coming Together[Exhale]

Here I am considering what I have been doing all along in my various training programs throughout my life.  There is so much to say and to share, I’m not really sure on where to start.  I’ll just start from the present and see where this takes me.  Basically, I feel like I am having an evolution of awareness in terms of my understanding when it comes to performance development in the discipline of athletics.  You see, track and field is a very specific, primarily individual, sport that requires much self-discipline and a completely refined physical structure.  Basically, if one thing goes wrong, in regards to an injury of sorts in the majority of cases, then the athlete will find it difficult to train and compete.  The frequency of this happening is high; thus, making it hard for track and field runners from generating enough financial support to fuel their world-class talent and skill.  So much can go wrong and the marketability costs versus the potential rewards isn’t enough for major across the board sponsorship opportunities.

It’s hard to express exactly what I am feeling at this very moment.  I’ll do my best to elucidate this feeling in the hopes that it will create an understanding of where track and field, with its myriad of scandals and problems, is at nowadays and a potential way to fix it.  By fix it, at this point, I’m going to only touch base on some issues that are dear to my heart.  For instance, focusing solely on fast times and distance.  Below I am going to share a video off my YouTube page that describes a little bit about what I am starting to change in my own personal training regimen:

As you can see, it’s aptly named, “Running for the thrill of it”.  Granted, elite world class athletes aren’t necessarily expected to change their training programs as many of these are tried and proven methods to success.  However, what I am pointing to is a deeper understanding of why train in the first place and the present prevalent mental model of time/distance with its laser focus burning away any true enjoyment and contentment many runners dearly need.  Look at it this way, there are soul surfers who, even if they compete, find total enjoyment in the waves and are still enjoying themselves when they can’t even get a wave on a flat day.  For me this is reflected in running when the time/distance mentality gets overbearing and becomes an obsession.  And to be frank, it’s most likely because the pros make money and need these times to win races and to get paid.  But herein lies the conundrum.  You have a system that is built off of this incessant need to refine the body to produce faster times from which a successful season means more income, but this very same approach increases the chance of injury which in turn makes the marketability of various non 1% athletes (e.g. Not the Usain Bolts, Mo Farahs) less desirable even though they are practically 1% of the world population.

Now, what am I getting at?  For me, track and field needs to be more about entertainment than fast FAST times.  The other day Nick Symmonds posted on twitter this tweet.  What if track and field were 2-3 hour events with high level competition in a venue that was fun and an atmosphere of pure entertainment focusing on winning not total output of speed.  In other words, while not disparaging the effort to break and make world records, these events could be properly marketed for maximum brand exposure and maximum financial support for elite athletes.  The point is, as beings living on this planet let us not lose sight of what’s important by getting lost in numbers.  It’s best said this way, “life is a journey to be enjoyed, not a problem to be solved in haste”.

This brings me to another video I recently shared on YouTube:

As of right now, I see the comprehensive training I am being taught at Fast Twitch South Miami as integral to an athlete’s success.  I’m sure I am the newbie here as I’ve relied heavily on my Chen Family Taijiquan training alone in terms of physical health, but I still feel the need to share in case there are others who are unaware of such vital strength and conditioning training.  Three key words I’ve heard there that best describes the methodology:  Stability, mobility and prehab.  Oh, and don’t think for one minute that it’s not hard, on the contrary, besides the strength and conditioning norm, their specificity can take a simple looking movement and make it dastardly hard (i.e. you question if you’re brave enough to continue LOL!).

With all of the above in mind, I think the salient point that keeps coming up for me is the process of trusting life and living life through the understanding that our future is not guaranteed and if we keep focusing and obsessing on that big race or that big goal then we miss so much of the good stuff that is passing us by.  Moreover, because of this approach I really do believe that the present marketability of runners is a consequence of this attitude and the only way to change that is to change our perception as we are co-creators of reality with the ability to shape and influence life.  Do we want to create a life full of joy and contentment or a life of grim determination?  The choice is ours and then the outside world will reflect back for us what we have chosen.  Pretty simple if you ask me! 🙂


The Easy Run


Dear lovely readers and fellow runners, today I am going to cover a very important aspect of ones training routine: the easy run.  I feel inspired to cover this topic as I just ran my best and most enjoyable easy run (or run in general) ever.  Not to say that I haven’t enjoyed efforts in the past or appreciated the accomplishments from hard work after the fact, it’s just that today during this barefoot, on soft grass, 5 mile 9:48 pace I was in such a lovely groove that I now truly understand why this time spent running easily is so important.

In the first place, aside from the fact that many runners are looking for better times and more accomplishments, we initially started running since this activity is so primal it brings us back to an element of our self that is easily overlooked in our modern society (i.e. when we were little kids we ran because we could).  It’s like mini rewilding vacations even though one may be surrounded by a concrete jungle.  For a human being, nothing is purer than running.  So, the easy run is just that, a time to return to our natural roots free from the bondage of modern life without the need to conquer any goal – it’s running for the sake of running.

Furthermore, and in regards to a run training program, the easy run allows our body to recover from the harder efforts all the while still prompting the body to understand that it will need to continue making adaptations to endure the stress from running.  This means, we will give it the opportunity to get stronger and faster without over doing the stress level.  And if you’re a runner you know full well what over doing causes, no need to explain that.

Along with both of these points, an easy run is a great way to refresh your running drive, that deep seated passion to push the limits of our bodies and see what we are capable of.

The point is, take time to love your self and respect your body with these easy runs.  Trust me, you will enjoy it to the fullest and feel refreshed and ready for your next hard efforts.

I love this statement, “make haste slowly”.  An apt way to express how to develop running longevity.

Dynamic Drills, A and B Skip

Lift the knee, keep the arm carriage tight and close to the body

Lift the knee, keep the arm carriage tight and close to the body


Life is dynamic! As runners, we forget sometimes to stop and smell the roses. Here I’ll introduce you to one of the most widely used running drills and touch base with the heart of the matter.


One of the most basic and best ways to improve running performance, no matter if you are a sprinter or distance runner, is to warm up properly with dynamic drills that will not only prepare your body for the following exertions, but also develop proper running form and methods for a competitive edge. In this post, I’ll briefly and concisely cover one of my favorites and the staple of my warm up routine.

Apropos, all of life is interactive, interrelated and interdependent, so one cannot fully separate one part from another. This being said, with physical exercise comes mental, emotional and spiritual one layer overlapping the other seamlessly blending with each other all throughout our life.

In the beginning there was…

Running track since the age of 10, I’ve been exposed to many different types of drills and exercises that help warm up the body and condition your system for high level exertion. But, doing dynamic drills with your 8 and 4 year old around really takes the dynamic to a new level. LOL It’s so easy to get caught up with wanting to finish the task one forgets to connect with life that is happening all around them. For a father, this is especially true in respect to his kids and wife.

In the video, I show you the basic movements of the A and B skip, a staple of track/running warm ups everyone should add to their routine. The most important is, for the A skip, to lift your knee high and keeping your arm carriage (your arm swinging motion back and forth) tight and close to your body in a relaxed manner rocking back and forth bringing your fist up to your chin and down to your pocket – think chin, pocket. This is done with a light and easy skip forward. The B skip is similar adding a kick out as the knee lifts to its highest position.

This is just the face value of what you see. The world isn’t what it appears to be. What am I thinking as I do these drills? How am I interacting with my children? Am I rushing to finish to get to my run and hit a new PR or am I living in the moment embracing all that life has to offer me? I can tell you, and you might be able to notice, that in this video my face is a bit scrunched. And honestly speaking, I was a bit frustrated with my boys at the time. And you know what, my boys had nothing to do with it! It was my fixation on finishing! Finishing what? All roads lead to nowhere as the final act of life is death.

I have my moments where I listen with every fiber of my being and in this sense get in touch with such a poignant feeling that I am in a state of utter peace. This is what I call unconditional love in action. Being fully engaged in the moment and connecting with the unseen forces that our mind isn’t able to comprehend primarily because of its computational nature. The mind can and will only work with data it understands and this means it works with known areas. The unknown aspects pertain to the feeling side of life and can only be perceived from being wide awake in life. These moments are fleeting as its a lifestyle and once again the goal mentality creeps back in.

Goal mentality. I do believe its perfectly fine to have a goal, something to work towards, as life would get rather boring if we just moved through day by day with no hopes, dreams or aspirations. However, my qualm, and here I am speaking from personal experience, is the mental expectation that something should be a certain way and when those expectations aren’t met a person feels hard-done-by and misses the gem of learning involved in the experience.

Start where you are at

Start where you are at


Your life starts now!

All of us, can do nothing other than start where we are at. This means, at this very moment you are exactly where you need to be in life. Sometimes this fact is hard to deal with considering the challenges we are facing. But life never gives us challenges that one cannot handle. I’ve heard this for a very long time and have used it to spur me past very hard battles. Recently, the shit really hit the fan and I felt hopeless for sometime with even the power inherent within this phrase not doing it for me. I asked my wife what she felt this saying means to her. And she said that if life gave us a challenge we could not handle then, effectively, this means our death. That’s it then! So, if we are still alive then we do have what it takes and will find a way if only we break free from any expectations. Breaking free from expectations boils down to not holding life to any idea that is contrary to our fate. As hard as it is to understand, each of us has a unique expressive purpose that needs to be unfurled through the process of our life. I will cover more of this subject matter in future posts as it is an area many people find difficult primarily due to our social conditioning.


So how can we practically improve our running form? Isn’t this the gist of my post? Yes it is! 😉 And the method is learning to feel ones way forward. This is easy if we release all of our expectations and goals detaching from any hold on life and enjoying the ride. By feeling the wind as we move through space and time, feeling our legs hit the ground, focusing our attention on each movement as we perform them, one will begin to get a manner of control of their life simply by being alive. It is so simple yet very powerful. In my experience, one swings back and forth between being fully in the moment to being caught up in goal orientation, but the more I pull myself back towards myself I feel a greater sense of peace and success, and, in the end, this is all that matters.

Happy Trails!